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BW DESTROYER (deck id: 7944)
60 Maindeck cards and 15 Sideboard
Classic Heirloom · Aggro-Control
Played by zippy75 in Rotating Block Heirloom 7.03 (0-3)
MAINDECK (60 Cards)
18 Creatures
4 Blade Splicer

4 Glimmerpoint Stag

4 Phyrexian Rager

4 Skinrender

2 Sunblast Angel

20 Spells
4 Ichor Wellspring

4 Mycosynth Wellspring

3 Divine Offering

3 Pristine Talisman

2 Black Sun's Zenith

2 Tezzeret's Gambit

2 White Sun's Zenith

22 Lands
12 Plains

10 Swamp

SIDEBOARD (15 Cards)
4 Ratchet Bomb

3 Bottle Gnomes

3 Memoricide

2 Black Sun's Zenith

1 Sunblast Angel

1 Enslave

1 Divine Offering

R1:  Loss 1 - 2vs.  ssWakizashI  Architect 
R2:  Loss 0 - 2vs.  ChrisMH77  BU Control 
R3:  Loss 0 - 2vs.  KimiKiri  Mono U 
Total:  27
  x 11
  x 13
  x 12
  x 2
Avg CMC: 3.18
well...tried RDW...can't get it right for this format. Now for a deck that just kills everything (hopefully!). Along the same lines as my STD Jund deck, this is going for as many 2-for-1s as possible...but it's slow and could go down because of this problem. The only weapon I really have from the board is Momoricide to target big direct-damage spells. The downside of putting White into the deck is that Consume Spirit isn't really an option; Blade Splicer, White Sun's, Sunblast etc. hopefully make up for that though. I wanted to put blue in for counters/ Blue Sun's, but couldn't really1