Your Deck For Tribal Apocalypse 10.03

Tribe: Eldrazi
60 Maindeck cards and 0 Sideboard
Legacy Tribal Wars · Eldrazi Ramp
 1st by Bandit Keith in Tribal Apocalypse 10.03 (4-0)
MAINDECK (60 Cards)
21 Creatures
4 Eldrazi Mimic

4 Endbringer

4 Endless One

4 Matter Reshaper

4 Thought-Knot Seer

1 Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre

14 Spells
4 All Is Dust

4 Spatial Contortion

2 Coercive Portal

2 Mystic Forge

2 Ugin, the Ineffable

25 Lands
4 Ancient Tomb

4 Cloudpost

4 Eldrazi Temple

4 Glimmerpost

4 Vesuva

2 City of Traitors

2 Tomb of the Spirit Dragon

1 Thespian's Stage


R1:  Win 2 - 1vs.  romellos  Allies 
R2:  Win 2 - 1vs.  Generalissimo  Scouting for Combos 
R3:  Win 2 - 0vs.  ThyShuffler  Make your own vindicate 
T2:  Win 2 - 0vs.  Nydethess  Elves 
Total:  0
  x 8
  x 4
  x 8
  x 6
  x 4
  x 1
Avg CMC: 4.35
25 lands, so don't screw me 2x row again Bandit Keith Tribal Apocalypse 10.29 4-0
A Decade Under the Influence Bandit Keith Tribal Apocalypse 10.25 2-1
Beware! Fire-Resistant Elves & F6 Wars! Bandit Keith Tribal Apocalypse 10.16 4-0
ThyRNG: Evil Cloudpost Vs. Topdeck Power Bandit Keith Tribal Apocalypse 10.12 2-1
Eldrazi Post Nagarjuna Tribal Apocalypse 9.51 3-0
Apologies for the evil Cloudpost, but at least know the inexperienced pilot is trying to get it banned. I needed a new deck after my Stormfist Cru-traitors decided to quit Magic and permanently sell me real-estate during the yearly Invitational. I told the agents that I already drew an additional 6 properties in a row, aside from the plentiful I already had in play - and that their services were unneeded, but my cries were, as usual, heard by deaf ears only. Casting Curse of the Pierced Heart on yourself and allowing the opponent to draw heavy gas with it, after a discard effect, is a strong play, I hear.

Sometimes you are the fisherman, and other times the fish. Sometimes you get the bracket where you would have to play against strong meta tribes like Afterlife Clerics in Standard (which almost won a tournament) and Eldrazi in Modern, and other times you would get the more fun-loving and casual Mutants and Oozes instead. Oh well, such is life in RNG: the Gathering. I should've done less well last season for better seeding. Victory has defeated me!

P.S. In homage of my Stormfist Cru-traitors, I included 2 of the land where they were born in my deck. They love land apparently, so I'll give it to them!