Deck Database

R1:  Win 2 - 0vs.   ellmaris  BG Infect is back 
R2:  Loss 0 - 2vs.   FlxEx  RUB Delver 
R3:  Win 2 - 1vs.   peppill  Rakdos Rats 
T8:  Win 2 - 1vs.   Zoltan  Modern Weenie 
T4:  Win 2 - 1vs.   Hoju_ca  Burn  
T2:  Loss 0 - 2vs.   brilk  Living Death 
Total:  39
  x 14
  x 12
  x 6
  x 1
  x 4
Avg CMC: 2.16
Last week I played WW and got a bronze medal, facing mostly infect and WW. I shied away from control, because I hate control on control mirrors, and expected more control. There was none. So this week, I decided to pack a control deck. I wanted to build something that would beat both WW and Infect because that's the meta I expected. In the past, I piloted Blink a lot, probably more than anyone. I know Blink has great game versus WW because it plays creatures just as fast, but also gains, life and never runs out of cards. But Blink has a horrible game v. infect because it lacks removal. What was the solution? Undying Evil! The most important interaction in Blink decks is Blink + Evoked Mulldrifter and Undying Evil is just better there. This UB deck has the "feel" of blink, but has a ton more removal.

Round 1 (V. BG Infect): Infect is a high variance matchup, in the sense that if you have enough removal, it's easy, but if not, you die quickly. I had enough removal both games.

Round 2 (V. Grixis Delver): I had to mulligan down to 6 both games, but I'm not sure if I would've won regardless. G1 I keep a hand with all swamps and only need to top deck a blue land, which I don't. Removal keeps him at bay for a while, but it's a clear loss when I don't draw blue for 6 turns. He had two Jund Hackblade and a Esper Stormblade, so I'm thinking I'm facing a Jund creature-based deck, so I don't sub in the extra muddles. G2 We both had very slow starts. I actually hit harder than him when I'm the first one on the board with a Undying Evil on an evoked Mulldrifter turn 4. I pull ahead quickly but he unleashes a slew of burn. He's down to under 10 life, an empty board, and only 2 cards in hand; I have 7 life, a full board, including a sylvok lifestaff on an augur of skulls, and 6 cards in hand. He plays lightning bolt and galvanic blast with metalcraft ftw the turn before I was going to strip his hand with augur, gain 3 life, and probably win! In truth, he has probably the coolest deck I've seen in this format so far. A deck with hacklades/delver as the only creatures and the best arsenal of spells I've seen in this format: lightning bolt, galvanic blast, terminate, blightning, staggershock. Borderposts fix his mana and enable metalcraft.

Round 3 (Br Control): I play a Rats n' Burn type deck. I lose G1. My deathtouch guys were absolutely useless due to Staggershock. I'm in a tough spot in sideboarding because there's not a lot I can bring in, but a lot maindeck that is useless. Eventually I sub out all the deathtouch guys and capsule to bring in all my muddles, aven augur, faerie trickery, oracle, and spellbomb. G2 and G3 I'm fortunate and without my deathtouch guys I just draw a ton more cards than him and pull out the victories.

Round 4 (WW): I win game one, mostly on the back of the timmy deathtouch + pingers combo. Game 2, I think for a long time and decide to bring in nothin. He seems to bring in a lot of cards to help deal with the deathtouch + pinger plan. Unfortunately, for me, I didn't draw any of my big card draw engines. Game 3, I figure in order to win this match I need as much card draw as I can get and I also want a slightly different removal package so I sub out 3 augur for 1 Sea Gate Oracle, 1 capsule, and 1 Nausea. This game he also seems to have a lot of defensive cards to deal with breaking up deathtouch + pingers. This plays well into my game plan because it takes the heat off me. I have an absolutely brutal turn 5 where I evoked Mulldrifter, played Undying Evil on it, and played Tragic Slip on his Golem. So I draw 4 cards, get a 3/3 flyer, and take out his only threat. From there it was a slow, grindy win, but I was never seriously threatened. This was the one MU where I'm glad I had the deathtouch pinger combo, because it can be brutal. Although it didn't do anything for me G2 or G3, the fact that he brought in hate against it, tells me that he feared it, and all the hate he brought in probably ended up helping me in the long run.

Top 4 (Burn Deck): This is clearly my worst MU because my removal is worthless, my deck is slow, and I don't have much defense against him. He wins G1 despite me having Sylvok Lifestaff. G2 and G3 I subbed in whatever counters/creatures I could and subbed my removal out. Admittedly, he was manascrewed both games, and I pulled out the win both games.

Finals: Didn't play because the tournament was bugged.

Final analysis: My deck did what it was supposed to do, which was beat WW and Infect. I played 3 red decks and was lucky to go away 2-1, because I could easily have gone away 0-3 against them. I like this deck enough to keep playing with it, but I definitely want to make some adjustments.

PS: Thanks everyone for hosting and playing!!! These player run events are amazing, sooo much fun! I played against a different deck each round and that really speaks to the diversity of the meta and everyone being dedicated to having fun, playing fun decks.