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Tribe: Knight
60 Maindeck cards and 0 Sideboard
Standard Tribal Wars · Knight Aggro
 1st by Bandit Keith in Tribal Apocalypse 10.32 (3-0)
MAINDECK (60 Cards)
30 Creatures
4 Blacklance Paragon

4 Fervent Champion

4 Inspiring Veteran

4 Knight of the Ebon Legion

4 Smitten Swordmaster

4 Venerable Knight

4 Worthy Knight

2 Corpse Knight

8 Spells
4 Dire Tactics

4 Fight as One

22 Lands
4 Blood Crypt

4 Godless Shrine

4 Sacred Foundry

4 Swamp

4 Tournament Grounds

2 Plains


R1:  Win 2 - 0vs.  AJ_Impy  Dracarys 
R2:  Win 2 - 0vs.  Nagarjuna  She is back ! 
R3:  Win 2 - 1vs.  lovetapsmtg  henge nobles 
Total:  48
  x 16
  x 22
Avg CMC: 1.58
Yet Another <1%! Zero cascade, Top 25 Bandit Keith Tribal Apocalypse 10.23 3-1
1 Lurrus, of the Dream Den as Companion

Last week's finals match for the 500th Tribal Apocalypse also marked my exact 1000th match on here. All according to keikaku. And, well, apparently, 8 out of 10 lockout is not 10 out of 10. The chains and shackles weren't enough this time, but they almost were.

AJ, I don't know if you read these things, but if you do, thanks again. (And so hold on when there is nothing in you, except the Will which says to them: “Hold on”)

For the 600th tribal special, I'll try not to win an event with Shaman, because then I'll be locked out of everything. Will I last until then? Do you think Tribal will last until then? How about the world itself?

This marks 4 events in a row that I have gone undefeated in Swiss; 3 of the events were won, with the exception of two events ago. You know, the event where I played for a full hat-trick, and even predicted my own demise due to mana screw in the final match, even before the tournament began (as what happened to the other hat-trick attempt, earlier in the season). Wasn't there an important historical figure that also showed his inner strength by paradoxically predicting his own demise?

I've regularly seen aggro decks with 17 or 18 lands do well and go undefeated (like the 7-0 WW that won a Penny Dreadful tournament this week), so in that aforementioned match, when my 24 land aggro deck got unkeepable hands due to mana, then stalling on mana for the rest of the game as I watch my face get smashed in without being able to play cards, as well as my Commune completely missing on ANY land at all in the top 5 cards as well, another anomaly, you cannot help but wonder what is going on.

That's right. A 24 land aggro deck + 4 one mana land-grabbing spells got mana screwed. Another mana screw ending to a potential hat-trick...

But it still wasn't as bad as the last hat-trick earlier this year, where I got mana screwed THREE games in a row, culminating in having the infamous 2 lands in top 22 cards in game 3 (0.03% chance occurrence!) :)

(With special mention to two Legacy events ago, where my 25 land ramp deck got mana screwed for TWO games in a row, but at least that is more likely to happen than 0.03%!)