Event Report
2018 Tribal Apocalypse Invitational: Round 2
12 January 2019
Legacy Tribal Wars · 8 Players
8 Decks · 100% Reported
1 rounds Swiss
Top 1 playoff
Hosted by _Kumagoro_
Event Report
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Metagame Stats
75% 50% 38% 50% 50%

Metagame Breakdown
  1 Players
jackslagel 1-0Legacy Tribal Wars Jund Human Unclassified
  1 Players
Bandit Keith 1-0Tribal Invi GOBLINZ Aggro
  1 Players
-DiamondDust- 0-1Tribal Wars Kor Unclassified
  1 Players
ThyShuffler 1-0They Suck Unclassified
  1 Players
TLR 0-1Tribal Invitational 2018 Round 2 Unclassified
  1 Players
_Kumagoro_ 0-1Moving Garden Ramp
  1 Players
Nagarjuna 1-0Inv 2 Reanimator Combo
  1 Players
Generalissimo 0-1Tribal - Spirits (2) Midrange

Current Standings

2018 Tribal Apocalypse Invitational: Round 2
Rank Player Match Points OMW % PGW % OGW % Matches Played Byes

Tiebreakers Explained

Players with the same number of match points are ranked based on three tiebreakers scores according to DCI rules. In order, they are:
OMW % is the average percentage of matches your opponents have won.
PGW % is the percentage of games you have won.
OGW % is the average percentage of games your opponents have won.
BYEs are not included when calculating standings. For example, a player with one BYE, one win, and one loss has a match win percentage of .50 rather than .66
When calculating standings, any opponent with less than a .33 win percentage is calculated as .33