Event Report
EventFormatNo. PlayersHost(s)
Penny Dreadful Thursdays 25.03Penny Dreadful16flac0/j_meka
Penny Dreadful Tuesdays 25.03Penny Dreadful14tiggu/bakert99
Pauper Classic Tuesdays 7.157Classic Pauper17Arctic_Ghost/Eso4455
Penny Dreadful Mondays 25.03Penny Dreadful19Briar_moss/j_meka
MOS May Pioneer League - 2Community Pioneer League11Lambdaman93/Rutasel
Penny Dreadful Sundays 25.03Penny Dreadful20cody_/bakert99
APAC Penny Dreadful Sundays 25.03Penny Dreadful9j_meka/silasary
Penny Dreadful Saturdays 25.03Penny Dreadful21j_meka/bakert99
Tribal Apocalypse 12.19Modern Tribal Wars10_Kumagoro_/Takeoutree
Penny Dreadful FNM 25.03Penny Dreadful20flac0
Penny Dreadful Thursdays 25.02Penny Dreadful18flac0/j_meka
Limitless 8.01limitless2swiftwarkite2
MOS Old School League 0.03OS Sweden rules 4
Penny Dreadful Tuesdays 25.02Penny Dreadful14tiggu/bakert99
Penny Dreadful Mondays 25.02Penny Dreadful17Briar_moss/j_meka
Community Modern League 3.14Community Modern League0LambdaMan93/Eggy216
Community Pioneer League 1.13Community Pioneer League0Lambdaman93/Rutasel
MOS May Legacy League - 2Legacy League12BoBoFraggles/LambdaMan93
MOS May Modern League - 2Community Modern League9LambdaMan93/Eggy216
MOS May Pauper League - 2Classic Pauper18LambdaMan93/Error23UK
MOS May Premodern League - 2PreModern25LambdaMan93/CyberPunker
Penny Dreadful Sundays 25.02Penny Dreadful23cody_/bakert99
APAC Penny Dreadful Sundays 25.02Penny Dreadful10j_meka/silasary
Penny Dreadful Season 25 KickoffPenny Dreadful46j_meka/bakert99
Tribal Apocalypse 12.18Pioneer Tribal Wars9_Kumagoro_/Takeoutree
Penny Dreadful FNM 25.02Penny Dreadful17flac0
Penny Dreadful Thursdays 25.01Penny Dreadful18flac0/j_meka
Penny Dreadful Tuesdays 25.01Penny Dreadful16tiggu/bakert99
Pauper Classic Tuesdays 7.156Classic Pauper16Arctic_Ghost/Eso4455
Penny Dreadful Mondays 25.01Penny Dreadful11Briar_moss/j_meka
Penny Dreadful Sundays 25.01Penny Dreadful19cody_/bakert99
APAC Penny Dreadful Sundays 25.01Penny Dreadful15j_meka/silasary
Penny Dreadful Saturdays 25.01Penny Dreadful21j_meka/bakert99
Tribal Apocalypse 12.17Legacy Tribal Wars: Underdog11_Kumagoro_/Takeoutree
Penny Dreadful FNM 25.01Penny Dreadful18flac0
Penny Dreadful Thursdays 24.10Penny Dreadful11flac0/j_meka
Penny Dreadful EU Wednesdays 24.10Penny Dreadful0RavaenMTG/rydyell
Limitless 7.11limitless2swiftwarkite2
Penny Dreadful Mondays 24.10Penny Dreadful16Briar_moss/j_meka
Penny Dreadful Sundays 24.10Penny Dreadful8cody_/bakert99
APAC Penny Dreadful Sundays 24.10Penny Dreadful8j_meka/silasary
MOS May Legacy League - 1Legacy League12BoBoFraggles/LambdaMan93
MOS May Modern League - 1Community Modern League18LambdaMan93/Eggy216
MOS May OldSchool League - 1OS Sweden rules 3
MOS May Pauper League - 1Classic Pauper22LambdaMan93/Error23UK
MOS May Pioneer League - 1Community Pioneer League17Lambdaman93/Rutasel
MOS May Premodern League - 1PreModern24LambdaMan93/CyberPunker
Penny Dreadful 500 (Season 24)Penny Dreadful73j_meka/bakert99
Tribal Apocalypse 12.16Spring Tribal Wars9_Kumagoro_/Takeoutree
Penny Dreadful FNM 24.10Penny Dreadful17flac0
Penny Dreadful Thursdays 24.09Penny Dreadful18flac0/j_meka
Penny Dreadful EU Wednesdays 24.09Penny Dreadful2RavaenMTG/rydyell
Limitless 7.10limitless3swiftwarkite2
Pauper Classic Tuesdays 7.155Classic Pauper15Arctic_Ghost/Eso4455
Penny Dreadful Mondays 24.09Penny Dreadful15Briar_moss/j_meka
Penny Dreadful Sundays 24.09Penny Dreadful18cody_/bakert99
APAC Penny Dreadful Sundays 24.09Penny Dreadful13j_meka/silasary
Penny Dreadful Saturdays 24.09Penny Dreadful11j_meka/bakert99
Tribal Apocalypse 12.15Legacy Tribal Wars10_Kumagoro_/Takeoutree
Penny Dreadful FNM 24.09Penny Dreadful16flac0
Penny Dreadful Thursdays 24.08Penny Dreadful11flac0/j_meka
Penny Dreadful EU Wednesdays 24.08Penny Dreadful6RavaenMTG/rydyell
MOS April Vintage League - 2Vintage3LambdaMan93/MTGLegacyLeague
Limitless 7.09limitless6swiftwarkite2
Pauper Classic Tuesdays 7.154Classic Pauper17Arctic_Ghost/Eso4455
Penny Dreadful Mondays 24.08Penny Dreadful17Briar_moss/j_meka
MOS April Premodern League - 2PreModern26LambdaMan93/CyberPunker
MOS April Legacy League - 2Legacy League7BoBoFraggles/LambdaMan93
MOS April Pauper League - 2Classic Pauper16LambdaMan93/Error23UK
Penny Dreadful Sundays 24.08Penny Dreadful16cody_/bakert99
MOS April Modern League - 2Community Modern League15LambdaMan93/Eggy216
APAC Penny Dreadful Sundays 24.08Penny Dreadful6j_meka/silasary
MOS April Pioneer League - 2Community Pioneer League17Lambdaman93/Rutasel
Penny Dreadful Saturdays 24.08Penny Dreadful11j_meka/bakert99
Tribal Apocalypse 12.14Modern Tribal Wars10_Kumagoro_/Takeoutree
Penny Dreadful FNM 24.08Penny Dreadful18flac0
Penny Dreadful Thursdays 24.07Penny Dreadful18flac0/j_meka
Penny Dreadful EU Wednesdays 24.07Penny Dreadful6RavaenMTG/rydyell
Limitless 7.08limitless4swiftwarkite2
Pauper Classic Tuesdays 7.153Classic Pauper15Arctic_Ghost/Eso4455
Penny Dreadful Mondays 24.07Penny Dreadful21Briar_moss/j_meka
Penny Dreadful Sundays 24.07Penny Dreadful21cody_/bakert99
APAC Penny Dreadful Sundays 24.07Penny Dreadful16j_meka/silasary
Penny Dreadful Saturdays 24.07Penny Dreadful16j_meka/bakert99
Tribal Apocalypse 12.13Standard Tribal Wars9_Kumagoro_/Takeoutree
Penny Dreadful FNM 24.07Penny Dreadful17flac0
Penny Dreadful Thursdays 24.06Penny Dreadful19flac0/j_meka
Penny Dreadful EU Wednesdays 24.06Penny Dreadful5RavaenMTG/rydyell
Limitless 7.07limitless4swiftwarkite2
Pauper Classic Tuesdays 7.152Classic Pauper16Arctic_Ghost/Eso4455
Penny Dreadful Mondays 24.06Penny Dreadful17Briar_moss/j_meka
MOS April Vintage League - 1Vintage6LambdaMan93/MTGLegacyLeague
MOS April Legacy League - 1 Legacy League6BoBoFraggles/LambdaMan93
MOS April Modern League - 1Community Modern League18LambdaMan93/Eggy216
MOS April Pauper League - 1Classic Pauper21LambdaMan93/Error23UK
MOS April Premodern League - 1PreModern25LambdaMan93/CyberPunker
Penny Dreadful Sundays 24.06Penny Dreadful19cody_/bakert99
APAC Penny Dreadful Sundays 24.06Penny Dreadful9j_meka/silasary
MOS April Pioneer League - 1Community Pioneer League19Lambdaman93/Rutasel
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