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OF ONE NINJA (deck id: 111190)
60 Maindeck cards and 15 Sideboard
Penny Dreadful · Unclassified
 Top 4 by  FratMank94 in Penny Dreadful Saturdays 24.07 (3-3)
MAINDECK (60 Cards)
25 Creatures
4 Faerie Miscreant

4 Moon-Circuit Hacker

4 Ornithopter

4 Prosperous Thief

4 Tempest Djinn

2 Judge's Familiar

2 Mistblade Shinobi

1 Sea-Dasher Octopus

15 Spells
4 Ponder

3 Memory Lapse

3 Of One Mind

3 Suspend

1 Lose Focus

1 Repeal

20 Lands
20 Island

SIDEBOARD (15 Cards)
3 Cerulean Drake

3 Ravenous Trap

3 Rebuild

2 Lantern of the Lost

2 Miscast

2 Stern Dismissal

R1:  Loss 1 - 2vs.   jem2291  Izzet Delver 
R2:  Win 2 - 0vs.   MarcoTsubaki  Abzan-Gyruda 
R3:  Win 2 - 0vs.   emerald000  Hazoret Storm 
R4:  Loss 1 - 2vs.   ThyShuffler  balanced-green-deck 
T8:  Win 2 - 0vs.   jem2291  Izzet Delver 
T4:  Loss 0 - 2vs.   Garcia_Edu  Izzet-Small-Ball 
Total:  38
  x 14
  x 8
  x 14
Avg CMC: 2.00
Of-One-Ninja clans1 Penny Dreadful Thursdays 24.07 3-2
PDS24 Ninjas FNM FratMank94 Penny Dreadful FNM 24.07 4-2
Tempo deck that seeks to play out evasive threats on turn one and then ninjutsu in creatures that give us value while applying pressure. After that, we interact as needed while continuing to grow our hand and board presence.
Ornithopter is absolutely cracked! Can be Pondered into on T1 and then immediately played to enable a T2 ninja. If Ninjutsu in Moon-Circut Hacker or Mistblade Shenobi, we are able to cast Of One Mind. Sea-Dasher may seem weird, but there are times where we get extra Ornithopters that we don't have to pick up and he allows us to make that a 2/2 flyer with Curiosity.
Another good note is that you can Ninjutsu Moon-Circut Hacker into your hand with another Ninja, and then replay that MCH to reset his draw ability.
I hope you enjoy the deck and if you've read this far then let me know what you think of it. Thanks