Event Report
2012 Tribal Apocalypse Invitational: Round 2
19 January 2013
Legacy Tribal Wars · 8 Players
8 Decks
Top 2 playoff
Top 1 playoff
Hosted by _Kumagoro_
Event Report
Season Leaderboard

No winner yet!
T8 Deck ColorsBGRUW Horror by Chamale
T8 Deck ColorsRU Faerie by Malum
T8 Deck ColorsGRU Efreet by RexDart
T8 Deck ColorsThe Demonic Crossroad by _Kumagoro_
Metagame Stats
38% 50% 63% 63% 25%

Metagame Breakdown
  1 Players
 _Kumagoro_ 0-1The Demonic Crossroad Unclassified
  1 Players
slug360 1-0GU Snake Unclassified
  1 Players
 RexDart 0-1GRU Efreet Unclassified
  1 Players
mihahitlor 1-0R Goblin Unclassified
  1 Players
 Malum 0-1RU Faerie Unclassified
  1 Players
Nagarjuna 1-0GRW Ally Unclassified
  1 Players
 Chamale 0-1BGRUW Horror Unclassified
  1 Players
gbagyt 1-0UW Human Unclassified

Current Standings

2012 Tribal Apocalypse Invitational: Round 2
Rank Player Match Points OMW % PGW % OGW % Matches Played Byes

Tiebreakers Explained

Players with the same number of match points are ranked based on three tiebreakers scores according to DCI rules. In order, they are:
OMW % is the average percentage of matches your opponents have won.
PGW % is the percentage of games you have won.
OGW % is the average percentage of games your opponents have won.
BYEs are not included when calculating standings. For example, a player with one BYE, one win, and one loss has a match win percentage of .50 rather than .66
When calculating standings, any opponent with less than a .33 win percentage is calculated as .33