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RDW STILL GOOD (deck id: 110182)
60 Maindeck cards and 15 Sideboard
Penny Dreadful · Unclassified
 Top 8 by  ThyShuffler in Penny Dreadful Season 24 Kick Off (4-3)
MAINDECK (60 Cards)
16 Creatures
4 Ash Zealot

4 Firebrand Archer

4 Stromkirk Noble

2 Viashino Pyromancer

2 Voldaren Epicure

26 Spells
4 Incinerate

4 Lava Dart

4 Play with Fire

3 Spikefield Hazard

3 The Flame of Keld

2 Dragon Fodder

2 Price of Progress

2 Shrine of Burning Rage

1 Goblin Bombardment

1 Shard Volley

18 Lands
14 Mountain

4 Barbarian Ring

SIDEBOARD (15 Cards)
3 Smash to Smithereens

3 Lantern of the Lost

2 Arc Trail

2 Molten Rain

2 Price of Progress

2 Scald

1 Dragon's Claw

R1:  Win 2 - 0vs.   Gistrast  Red Deck Wins 
R2:  Win 2 - 0vs.   DownToValueTown  ElectricSlide S24 V1.0 
R3:  Win 2 - 0vs.   Piruvato  PD S25 - Above the Clouds 
R4:  Loss 1 - 2vs.   2for1for2  Mono Blue Flying Counter All Your Stuff 
R5:  Win 2 - 0vs.   YourAverageIdiot  4 pop 
R6:  Loss 1 - 2vs.   earterms123  Unplayable Garbage 
T8:  Loss 1 - 2vs.   Oakman987  24 - Kickoff in Red 
Total:  40
  x 18
  x 24
Avg CMC: 1.57
RDW ThyShuffler Penny Dreadful Sundays 24.03 0-2
Red_Deck_Wins 3.4.22 ThyShuffler Penny Dreadful FNM 24.03 3-2
Red-Deck-Wins-34-22 Galon345M Penny Dreadful Season 24 Kick Off 2-4
Red Deck Wins Gistrast Penny Dreadful Season 24 Kick Off 3-3
Red_Deck_Wins 3.4.22 ThyShuffler Penny Dreadful FNM 24.02 5-1
Yesterday I was in game two and my opponent treasure cruised and copied it with Pyromancer Ascention drawing six cards while still being at a high life total. I was ready to concede and go into game three but estimated I had around a one percent chance to win so I continued. Later he played Bond of Insight and copied it putting 8 cards in my graveyard and turning on my two Barbarian Rings and I was able to win with him having a counterspell in hand but being tapped out. Moral of the story is that RDW can has more long game than you'd think and if you have one percent to win, don't concede and take that one percent chance.